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Growing Leaders with Opportunities and Willpower

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Our Aims

Founded in 2019, GLOW started as an unincorporated association with the aim of inspiring, educating, supporting, and giving individuals the courage to be a next-generation leader in their chosen industry with diversity and equality in mind.

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Our Impact So Far

Using Our Passion To Make An Impact On The Lives Of Others

Since starting in 2019, GLOW has worked hard to impact lives. So far, we have had four projects, which have impacted:

Over 150 people at our in person events; 

Over 200 on our IGTV page;

And a further 480 on our YouTube page. 

And we're still counting!

Women in Work

A study into women's thoughts and stories of work

We at GLOW believe that storytelling is an important form of learning. We grow and develop both ourselves and our mindsets based on the stories we tell each other.

With our new project Women In Work, we sought out the stories of women and their working lives in order to develop both ourselves, and all of those going through their journey into the working world.

Women In Work Logo
Forgotten Class of 2020 Logo

The Forgotten Class of 2020

Stories from the Graduates of 2020

Check out The Forgotten Class Of 2020, where Helen Bailey (Managing Director for Aviatrix Market Research Consultancy) and Catherine Park (Founder of GLOW) interviewed GCSE, A-Level and Degree students about their experiences during the Coronavirus.

They all had amazing stories to tell and now we want to share them with you!

You Belong On The Board

The learnings from Generation X and Z

This podcast focuses on the discussion between Generation X and Generation Z women and how they can work together to encourage the next generation of women get to the top of the job or even start their own businesses. The conversation features real stories and experiences that these women have had, they tell their stories in the hope that other women learn from them and use the lessons they have learned.

You Belong On The Board Set
Women In Business Photo

Women in Business

A panel event to inspire women into business

The event that started it all! In collaboration with the University of Sussex Business School, Women In Business was designed to inspire, encourage and connect young businesswomen into the world of business. With two panels of entrepreneurs and business professionals, this event celebrated the rise of gender equality in the business world as well as encourage others to feel the fear and do it anyway!

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Our Fantastic Team

GLOW is run by a team of volunteers who dedicate time to help make a difference:

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Catherine Image

Catherine Park

Founder and Leader

GLOW symbolises a future where everyone has role models they can identify with, as well as having the confidence and opportunities to do what they love in their career!

Agata PP.jpg

Agata Mlynarczyk

Media Coordinator

GLOW is important to me as it gives me a chance to have a say in how we shape a better and more inclusive future.


Simran Shah

Legal Consultant

GLOW represents an opportunity to educate young women about workplace realities and introduces them to initiatives about breaking down the barriers to career success.

Frances Image

Frances Friend

Project Volunteer

GLOW represents the drive for a more inclusive world. A world where noone feels hindered by their background when entering the workplace

Ross Image

Ross Perry

Legal Consultant

GLOW is focused on inclusivity, as if there were more diversity at the top, the narrowness that currently prevails would, surely, widen.

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Interested in collaborating on a project? Interested in being a volunteer? If so, then why not drop us a message!

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