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Women In Work

According to PwC's (2019) Women in Work Index, the gender pay gap was identified as one of the main contributors holding back progress in the UK for improving women’s  workplace conditions. We, however, believe there is more to consider.

Eleven months ago, four ambitious GLOW team members wanted to learn and understand women’s thoughts and opinions of the workplace in order to understand what is important for women’s continued progression. We therefore sought out the stories of women and their working lives in order to develop both ourselves, and all of those going through their journey into the working world.

Through focusing on eight key topics, we found insightful statistics and impactful stories surrounding: Starting your Career; Successes and Passions; Difficulties and Unpaid Care Work; Diversity and Inclusion; Children; Menopause; Mental Health; and Workplace Culture. We found key information like: 

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79% of women started working before twenty years old

We also interviewed seven fantastic participants who were gracious enough to give their stories, such as: Sophie who talks about mental health and the risk of burnout in the creative industry; Nadine who lost her passion for working with children the further up the career ladder she went; Mahta who talks about the importance of relationships and how people can become your personal ambassadors; Chloe who talks about the hospitality industry and learning the importance of potentially being the only person someone sees; Lizzie who talks about her work-life balance and unhealthy company cultures where she would be called at all hours by her ex-employer; Kate who talks about the impacts of having children and being a single mother has had on her career; and Nancy who discusses the effects of the pandemic on her part-time jobs and graduate recruitment.    

Women in Work aims to help understand some of the specific areas that women face at work, which may help or drawback from their experience. These thoughts, opinions and stories will allow GLOW to tailor future projects to benefit young women as well as provide a journal with research and stories to support or educate anyone who reads it.

We are extremely happy with how Women in Work turned out and we have been completely inspired by the findings and honest stories we have received. 

We hope that you find it as impactful and inspiring as we have. 

Catherine, Agata, Frances and Simran.

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