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Women in Work

Spring 2021

Women in Work aims on telling the stories of women in order to understand what it means to be a woman in work in 2020. This study will focus on specific themes of work including: starting your career; successes and passions; difficulties and unpaid care work; diversity and inclusion; children; menopause; mental health; and workplace culture. 

We are currently summarising the data and putting together the stories we have been told, the journal should be ready for release in Spring 2021. It will be available here!

We aim to tell the stories of women and their working lives in order to learn and develop ourselves further and to help others who are taking their first steps into their careers. We also would like to use this opportunity to keep a historical record of these women’s stories so we can reflect on them now and in the future.

The Forgotten Class of 2020

August - September 2020

The Forgotten Class of 2020 gathered students from GCSE to Undergraduate Degree level for a social media series where we asked them about how Coronavirus affected their education and ultimately their lives. We wanted to know how they felt about their work and the situation they found themselves in and even the positive learnings they can take away. These have been recorded into short clips and have been distributed on our IGTV and YouTube pages. This was in collaboration with Aviatrix Market Research Consultancy.

With this series, we aimed to represent the voices of those that are not necessarily being voiced in the current climate. Students all over are facing difficulties that their parents or even grandparents have not experienced before and it is important to give these individuals a voice and create a sense of community within the student population.

As it currently stands, we have had over 200 views of the series on IGTV. 

You Belong On The Board

November 2019 – February 2020

You Belong On The Board was a five episode podcast which focuses on the discussion between a Generation X woman, Helen Bailey, and a Generation Z woman, Catherine Park. The discussion focused on how these two generations can work together to encourage the next generation of women get to the top of their career ladder or even start their own business. The conversation featured real stories and experiences that these women have had, they tell their stories in the hope that other women learn from them and use the lessons they have learned. This podcast had guest speakers in two of the episodes as well as a live panel discussion for the last episode. You Belong On The Board was in collaboration with Aviatrix Market Research Consultancy and SonarTV. The episodes can be found on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Click here to watch them on YouTube.

The initial impact is on the views of the episodes. On YouTube alone we had over 100 views of our first episode. It is also important to note that the podcast will always be available online, so future followers will be able to watch it too. This will have more impact in the future. We also impacted the individuals who attended the live event in December 2019, as all the young people who attended got the opportunity to engage and connect with our sponsors and panellists. This was a key comment from the attendees.  

Women in Business

29th March 2019

Women in Business was our first event which had the aim of inspiring and encouraging young women into the business world. We did this with two panel discussions, one with local Brighton Entrepreneurs talking about their experiences of entrepreneurship, and another with Corporate leaders talking about their experiences in the corporate world. This event was sponsored and supported by the University of Sussex Business School.

This event had a large impact as approximately 100 people attended the event, all of which heard the stories of our ten panellists who were equally as inspired by each other.

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